Somtum Der Bangkok


The unique taste of Isan somtum stresses on the saltiness, a taste of somtum which rarely found in Isan food restaurants in Bangkok. Chef Korn, an original head chef, who grown up in Sakhon Nakorn, was in charge of most recipes and his aim is to make sure that they stick to their roots.

Foods here are served in proportionate portion in order for each table to enjoy a wide range of foods as one of Somtum Der’s customers called “Isan style Tapas”.

Beside all-time favorite items like Der styled deep fried chicken thighs, house special grilled marinated pork and variety of Somtum, we have added both traditional and contemporary Isan dishes. We use traditional charcoal grill for all grill dishes in order for the meat to achieve fragrant aroma of charcoal grill which is the heart of authentic Isan grilled dishes. We also use wagyu beef sourced from Isan and include traditional Isan ingredients like cow’s blood and bile in new dishes that are similar to how native of Isan has been enjoying for decades. Cockle and Isan snail are also on the new menu.

Draft beer and local liquors are customary match with Isan food. However, we are happy to offer slushy cocktail bucket that are superbly photogenic and can be enjoyed on spot or taken along to continue the night at the next stop.

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