papaya salad deep fried grill spicy salad soup steamed others dessert beverage
Der Styled Deep Fried Chicken Wings
Der Styled Deep Fried Chicken Thigh
Fried Isan Sausages
Fried Khon Kaen's Pork Roll
Deep-fried Mushrooms with Mayonnaise Sauce
Deep-fried Spicy Pork Spring Roll
Deep Fried Duck Mouth
Deep-fried Sun-dried Pork
Deep-fried Sun-dried Beef
Deep-fried Spicy Minced Pork
Deep-fried Tiny Freshwater Shrimps
Der's H'orderves
Marinated Raw Pork Sausages
Somtum Der is a perfect business model for ones who seek and interested to small to medium sized authentic Thai-Isan restaurant & cuisine. We invite you to seize the opportunity of these challenging expansions with us.
Work With Us
Somtum Der is always looking for the enthusiastic people to join our team and challenging expansions.