The unique taste of northern Isan somtum stresses on the saltiness, a taste of somtum which rarely found in Isan food restaurants in Bangkok. Chief Korn, a shareholder and a head chef, grown up in Sakhon Nakorn and has been having a great passion in local Isan food. He is in charge of all recipes and his aim is to make sure that they stick to their roots. To ensure that everything come out right, Chef Korn does those by himself, even the delicacy like pla ra (fermented fishes).

Foods here are served in proportionate portion in order for each table to enjoy a wide range of foods as one of Somtum Der's customers called "Isan style Tapas". The highlight is somtum, which has more than 20 types. The signatures somtum are Tum Pla Tu Khao Mun, a somtum with grilled mackerel and coconut rice, Tum Suo Sakhonnakorn, a somtum with Thai vermicelli and white popinac seeds (an ingredient which cannot be found in Bangkok), and Tum Muo, a somtum with vermicelli, pla ra, pork roll, and marinated raw pork sausage.

A long list of somtum goes on, together with a list of light dishes in the menu like deep fried chicken thigh (Sa Pok Kai Tod Der), fried Khon Kaen's pork roll (Moo Yor Tod Khon Kaen), deep fried spicy pork (Por Pia Larb Moo), spicy minced grilled catfish salad (Larb Pla Duke Yang), super spicy chicken wing soup (Super Peek Kai) and many more. With Chef Korn's creativity, grilled pork and beef at Somtum Der are marinated with chili and roasted rice to produce more juiciness and a little bit of crunchiness to these meat dishes.

A touch of uniqueness does not end only at foods but with Somtum Der's beverages also. Herbal drinks like rosella, lemongrass, chrysanthemum, and Thai green herbs can be ordered along with delicious foods. Drink list covers house wines by glass and a signature rosella and lemongrass Martini which use house blended vodka. The labour of love that creators of Somtum Der would like to invite Martini's lovers to try.

Somtum Der is a perfect business model for ones who seek and interested to small to medium sized authentic Thai-Isan restaurant & cuisine. We invite you to seize the opportunity of these challenging expansions with us.
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