The interior and decoration of Somtum Der is truly distinguished itself from other Isan food restaurants. Bold colours like red and orange are used in parallel with the taste of the food. Adding to this is the contrast use of the wood, which gives the natural touch to the venue.

The two central attractions are the creative use of Isan craftsmanship as a lighting installation hanging from the ceiling in the middle of the restaurant and a somtum bar where everyone can absorb the art of cooking somtum. Framed photographs of Isan way of life are over the walls as proud products of love that people at Somtum Der would like to share.

The music that plays alongside adds up to the appreciation of the food and the ambience. By day, it is a tune of easy listening Pop and a little more upbeat with Disco in the evening. Somtum Der is created to fulfill all five senses that a person can enjoy. It is a place where local savory food is combined with the urban lifestyle.

Somtum Der is a perfect business model for ones who seek and interested to small to medium sized authentic Thai-Isan restaurant & cuisine. We invite you to seize the opportunity of these challenging expansions with us.
Work With Us
Somtum Der is always looking for the enthusiastic people to join our team and challenging expansions.