Somtum Der, a collaboration of friends and family who have close tie to Isan region, caters authentic northern Isan food in a comfortable friendly atmosphere, which guarantees to offer more than tasty true Isan food but also a lifestyle that can be enjoyed.

As Khun Eh (Thanaruek Laoraowirodge), the key initiator who is originally from Khon Kaen describes, “Somtum Der is where real local recipes are available in a differentiated ambience as they have never been served before.”

The restaurant’s genuine spirit of Isan is reflected in every bit. Starting from the name of the restaurant, der is a common suffix widely used in Isan region. It indicates a warm invitation, which in the same time can be informative.

The unique taste of northern Isan somtum stresses on the saltiness, a taste of somtum which rarely found in Isan food restaurants in Bangkok. Chef Korn, a shareholder and a head chef, grown up in Sakhon Nakorn and has been having a great passion in local Isan food. He is in charge of all recipes and his aim is to make sure that they stick to their roots.

Somtum Der is a perfect business model for ones who seek and interested to small to medium sized authentic Thai-Isan restaurant & cuisine. We invite you to seize the opportunity of these challenging expansions with us.
Work With Us
Somtum Der is always looking for the enthusiastic people to join our team and challenging expansions.